The Best Stay-At-Home Shoes

29th March 2020


Amp up the chill factor in chic and cosy shoes for every stay-at-home occasion.

Your horoscope this week: you’ll be spending a lot of time at home (regardless of your star sign). We’re making the most of a break from the daily grind with chic, cosy, stay-at-home shoes that combine all the style of our favourite pumps with the incomparable comfort of, well, a slipper. Call it a ‘shlipper’ (shoe-slipper), if you will – otherwise known as shearling-lined mules, fluffy slides and satin slippers that are also designed to be worn outdoors. Our grandmothers would have called them ‘house shoes’, and, as you’ll soon discover, they’re perfect for G&Ts in the garden. Faced with another day of working from our kitchen tables, few things perk us up more than the prospect of (faux) fur-lined footwear to waft down the stairs and into our makeshift office in. Whatever’s going on outside, there is still business to be done. There are deadlines to meet, Saturday nights to celebrate, and Sunday afternoons to spend in the springtime sun – so get to it from the comfort of your own home, in slides, slip-ons and, well, slippers. Here are our favourites of the season. 

Your colleagues might not be able to see your feet on the daily Zoom meeting, but it pays to be presentable, even if you’re dressing down. We find it gives us a sense of normality. Looking good helps us feel good – and in turn hit those deadlines with efficiency. Turn to The Row for sleek shoes that are both minimal and comfortable, or Gucci’s cult, alternative take on their classic horesbit loafer. A pair of Princetowns combines the tactile luxury of a shearling lining with the smart silhouette of a workplace-appropriate shoe. 


On the flip side, anything outside the FaceTime frame is fair game, and the weekend calls for all-out footwear indulgence. If you’re feeling playful, look to Miu Miu for maximalist sliders with furry, candy-coloured linings and comfy padded sandals. You might be housebound, but you can still have fun with your wardrobe. Released from the sartorial expectations of an office or exclusive bar, why not dress up in stacked platform sandals with pink fur soles at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon? And if you’re nursing a home-made Negroni hangover, only the comfiest shoes will do. Amp up the cosy factor in sliders by Arket, Fendi and Chloe. We’ve been treating ourselves and wearing cashmere socks with our slides. If it’s a trend you’ve been considering, but haven’t yet braved, now is the time to try. 


The moral of this story is that staying indoors doesn’t mean a wardrobe rotation of grey marl and cashmere socks alone. We’ve been rocking sweat pants with red lippy, and sweatshirts with our biggest, statement earrings. And that’s before we’ve even reached our feet. If you’re having a date night at home, or DIY cocktails with your housemates, a pair of satin slippers courtesy of Malone Souliers will lend the evening a sense of occasion – no heels required. 


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