The Big Season Edit: AW19

8th January 2020

TEXT BY SANDRA HAGELSTAM | Photography by Puttonen RUSKA

The most coveted trends of the current season.

Combat boots – Where do we even start with this trend? The style that cooler girls half our age have been rocking regardless of the trend and season is all of a sudden solving all of our dressing dilemmas. This suit is too official – add the Pradas. This dress is too try hard – The Pradas. This all black jeans-n-knit combo is boring me to tears – Prada. See the pattern? Our heels are crying in the closet, but we are enjoying the new found freedom of stomping around town in these, so let us live a little, will you. However we can’t lie to you, these aren’t for everyone. But, we do invite you to toy with the idea of adding some Lara Croft vibes into your dressing rotation and see what happens.


Brown boots – I know we are hitting you with a pretty vague theme saying ‘brown boots’, but never has the offering of caramel coloured boots been this rich, without having suede and tassels involved. This seasons 70’s references are more glam and gown up than the usual hippy vibes that always seem to reference Woodstock, more or less. We love the croc embossed version like these and even contemplated crowning the Jimmy Choo ‘Mavis’ boots to shoe of the month.


The Chunky Chelsea – This, much weaved into the first trend, also falls under the ‘lug sole’ category, but since it’s overwhelmingly the biggest trend this winter, we think it deserves two angles. The trend that was undoubtedly lead by Bottega Veneta this season, has been recreated and copied throughout the high-street collections, but it is a style that has been writing its own history for years, regardless of the trends (see Doc Martens or more fashionably Prada). A trend like this gave us joy and ease throughout the party season and is above all the most practical and durable shoe for these glorious +-0 °C days.


Snake boots – The limits and recent bans of exotic leather has really challenged brands in a good way to widen the options with embossed and printed leathers. This trend is easier to master than you think, so stay with us. Someone once said that snake classifies as neutral and quite frankly we never got over that. Are we being too dramatic if we claim that this thinking actually cleared up a lot problems for us? Regardless, this a trend that seems to get stronger with every season which makes us somewhat thirsty to grow our snake boots collection.


The softer square toe – A square toe boot is pretty much the chicest thing you can wear right now. Make it a straight leg pull-on boot and you might be looking at this season’s most versatile buy. This particular pair doesn’t have the ‘duck look’ (it’s a thing) that many square toe boots have, rather an ‘updated almond’ in a softer shape, which is more subtle and forgiving. The best friend to your skinny jeans, or the new adventurous friend to tuck your high wasted trousers into. Go for a lower heel if these make you feel too dressed up – they are equally chic.


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