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The Blahniks Pose for Birkenstock

4th February 2020


Manolo and Kristina Blahnik wanted to a pay homage to a fellow shoemaker with their latest project.

Manolo and Kristina Blahnik captured in their London studio. Photo courtesy of Birkenstock.
Luna Picoli’s worn and loved sandals. Photo courtesy of Birkenstock.

When German footwear label Birkenstock launched its ‘Personality Campaign’ its aim was to showcase intimate portraits of all the different types of Birkenstock wearers, in their own, pre-worn Birkenstock shoes. 

A host of different profiles went on to feature in the campaign from actresses, to ballerinas and skiers, but perhaps the most unexpected duo to make an appearance were Manolo Blahnik and his niece and chief executive officer of his footwear label, Kristina. 

The Blahniks might be primarily known for their flair for luxury, delicate heels and decadent fabrics, but both Manolo and Kristina, are often said to trade in their own designs for Birkenstocks. So by making a surprise appearance in the campaign, they wanted to pay homage to a fellow shoemaker.  

I have always admired Birkenstock; the brand has genuine authenticity and continually remain true to their values, which I adore. It’s an enormous privilege to be included in this privilege with my niece,” 

said Manolo, who often wears Birkenstocks on his holidays or when tending to his garden, paired with bright Paul Smith socks. 

The images, by photographer Jack Davidson, were shot at the brand’s store in London’s Old Church Street and feature Manolo wearing his Birkenstock Bostons with a red Anderson & Sheppard suit, while Kristina sits next to him in a crisp white shirt dress and a pair of Birkenstock Gizehs. The idea was to capture each personality in a raw, intimate way: They are pictured in their own environment, wearing clothes from their own wardrobes and their own Birkenstock shoes no matter how old or battered they might be. 

The series has also featured the likes of Thomas Sudhof, a Nobel Prize Winner and Stanford professor; fashion editor Grace Coddington; Korean actor Yoo Ah-In as well as artist and designer Faye Toogood. 

Birkenstock shares values synonymous with our own at Manolo Blahnik: Heritage, family and integrity. So it’s an honor to participate in such a campaign that has previously included so many extraordinary global pioneers,”

added Kristina, who is also plotting the brand’s new store opening in New York’s Madison Avenue for later this year. 

English dancer Romany Pajdak for Birkenstock. Photo courtesy of the brand.


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