The Most Extra Party Shoe Edit

3rd January 2020

TEXT BY SANDRA HAGELSTAM | Photography by Mikko Puttonen

The best and most attention demanding shoes of the cruise collections.

January – the month to find joy in the most extra kind of new season footwear. Shoes that lift your mood and have people asking ‘Whereeee did you get your shoes from?’ The prettiest pumps and sandals that give you the CPR you need to get through this dark, rainy January, and that will serve you loyally in the season to come.

We agree that less is more in the aftermath of Christmas-NYE, which is why we suggest you make considered footwear choices, rather than hoarding home the whole sale section. 

We’ve sourced through the web and picked the best, brightest and most extra ‘just in’ styles to help you kick start the new decade. We hope these will solve your ‘what to wear’ dressing dilemmas, as all attention will be on your shoes.

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