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Victoria Beckham Drops New Reebok Sneaker

5th May 2020


The new style is Beckham’s most unexpected design to date, inspired by retro Eighties and Nineties basketball sneakers.

The new VB Dual Court Mid II for Reebook. Image courtesy of Reebook.
Victoria Beckham. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.


Victoria Beckham has just released a new basketball-inspired court sneaker, as part of her ongoing collaboration with Reebok.

A sign of the changing times? Most certainly: In fashion and pop culture, Beckham has always been associated with polished glamour, sky-high stilettos and generally being posh. Even when she toned things down a notch, transitioning from Spice Girl to luxury designer and swapping skin-tight mini dresses with cozy knits and smart suits, she always added an extra touch in the form of a stiletto pump or thigh-high heeled boot. 

But now, even Beckham is putting her heels to rest and embracing the current mood that calls for cozy silhouettes and ultimate comfort, with her new sneaker that is designed to take you through the day. Gone are the times when sneakers and active wear were reserved for the gym. 

The new high-top style, dubbed VB Dual Court Mid II and now available on, is inspired by retro Eighties and Nineties basketball sneakers. It features a chunky rubber outsole, leather side panels in the shape of the Reebok logo and five colourways in mostly muted colours like black, beige, white and silver, as well as a brighter “acid blue.”

Beckham pairs the shoes with crop tops, leggings or loose knitted tops from her collaboration collection, in the same muted shades. 

This [collection] was all about the relaxed, unfussy energy of Nineties sport’s wear. I wanted to offer a fresh perspective on how sport’s wear can and should evolve in line with our diverse lifestyles,” said Beckham.